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Cédric Desmoulins

Cédric graduated from a Business School and created the company Euromotion Medical after 10 years spent in a recruitment sector. He had an opportunity to live in England and China. He will welcome you and give you all the information that you will not find in a book: from the best application to find an excellent restaurant to the best school in a city for your children! 


And if he was't working at Euromotion Medical? Cédric would be a photgrapher for the National Geographic

Favourite quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

Emilie Sieja

Emilie holds a Master degee of Languages and Business. After 10 years of living abroad in Australia, Ireland and Spain, Emilie has just returned to France for the great joy of Euromotion team. As you can imagine, she has all the necessary empathy to understand the feelings when changing a country. You can count on her to accompany you and guide you in France.


And if she wasn't working at Euromotion Medical? Emilie would probably work as a Ranger in a national park in Australia.

Favourite quote: "Ils ne savaient pas que c'était impossible alors ils l'ont fait" - MarkTwain

Bianca-Maria Ciucur

Bianca-Maria graduated from Sciences-Po Paris. Polyglot, she perfectly represents the word "multicultural". Bianca-Maria lived in Romania, France and Greece. She will welcome you in many languages and will provide any necessary support during your settlement. She can also tell you about Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Macedonia, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, or Italie where she travels regularly.


And if she wasn't working at Euromotion Medical ? Bianca would probably an expert in chocolate at Nestlé ! :)

Favourite quote: "Il n'y a pas de livre moral ou immoral. Les livres sont bien ou mal écrits. Voilà tout." Oscar Wilde

Bianca Traina

Bianca holds a Master's degree from University of Milan, she joined Euromotion team in 2014. Bianca, it's Dolce Vita, it's Italy, it's Sicily! Bianca, it is also empathy and willingness to answer all the questions of Italian doctors who move to France. What's more, she will guide you through the best Italian addresses in Paris!


And if she wasn't working at Euromotion Medical ? Bianca serait biologiste marin.

Favourite quote: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

Agnieszka Balcerak

Agnieszka grew up next to Warsaw and graduated from University Paris-Sorbonne. She has been living in Paris for 5 years now, after spending a year in England. She knows by heart all the procedures for obtaining an authorisation to exercise as a physiotherapist and web-marketing has no secrets for her (just as the addresses of the best bakeries in Paris).


And if she wasn't working at Euromotion Medical ? Her everyday practice of Vélib' (bicycle system in Paris) would make of her a great stunt woman ! 

Favourite quote: "If you can dream it, you can do it"

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